Dining choices abound in taste and atmosphere for seniors at Brethren Village

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Eating at the best continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) means abundant and healthy choices served in venues that accommodate your mood, be it a cozy café, a casual restaurant, or a formal candlelit dining room. CCRCs today recognize that they serve seniors with varied backgrounds and differing tastes in food. The culinary staff at Brethren Village, led by professional chefs, offers high quality experiences that rival those of fine restaurants. By providing choices to satisfy everyone’s palate, CCRCs help Residents feel comfortable, content and at home while eating.

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Brethren Village Residents become detectives, bringing joy to Virginia family

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Two Residents at Brethren Village Retirement Community were the key sleuths in bringing joy to a family 300 miles away whom they had never met. You might call this “The Case of the Lost Testament.” Nick agreed with Leon, who said, “I am thrilled to have a part in finding the rightful owners of this valuable New Testament. After over 73 years, the mystery has been solved.”

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Area sights and scenes draw retirees to senior living in Lancaster County

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The U.S. News & World Report list of best places to retire in the United States has ranked Lancaster, PA as—drum roll, please—#2 in its 2018 edition! In evaluating criteria that promote a high quality of life, U.S. News highlighted Lancaster’s lower tax rates for retirees, high-quality health care, happiness of local residents, housing affordability and low unemployment.

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Autumn, an ideal time to explore the outdoors at retirement communities

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If you stop by for a visit to Brethren Village during autumn, you likely will see our resident seniors outdoors during temperate fall days—walking, biking or sitting and chatting with neighbors. You might also find some practicing on our putting green, competing on our bocce court or doing some pre-winter gardening.

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Our top ten safety and security guidelines for seniors not living in retirement communities

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Many seniors living in their private homes are at greater risk of being injured or harmed by safety and security hazards. Understandably, loved ones may be concerned about their well-being and check on them daily.

To further guarantee their safety, family members also can help by ensuring seniors follow these “top ten” safety and security guidelines:

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Our most popular outdoor activities for senior independent living Residents

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From spring through fall, many retirees enjoy spending time outdoors, savoring either the mid-day sunshine or the cooler air of dawn or dusk. Newcomers to senior residential living soon discover that their new home offers an array of outdoor recreational activities, with various interests in mind.

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Fitness and wellness options for seniors abound at Brethren Village

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Brethren Village Residents find it rewarding to stay active in the sports and activities they enjoy. They understand the importance of keeping the body energized and strong during senior living. So, we would like to recognize the efforts and achievements of some of our most physically active Residents.

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Considering a move to a retirement community? Ask yourself these questions

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“Is this the right move for me?” is a question asked by thousands of retirees as they contemplate the benefits of remaining in their private residence versus the advantages of moving to a senior living community. At Brethren Village Retirement Community, we realize that it’s a major life decision and one that should be made with plenty of thought and preparation.

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