Bequest is part of a “two-fold” gift and provides the emotional benefit of doing the right thing.

By / May 21, 2024 Donor Stories
Martha Shreiner

Those who know Martha Shreiner know that she is a giving person. A retired teacher, she remains active through presentations for groups and causes that she cares about. In the years since her husband Galen died, she has been active promoting giving opportunities to Hospice & Community Care and participating in the Women’s Giving Circle. She is an officer in an educational philanthropy association, and serves on the Gathering for Generations Campaign Communication Committee here at Brethren Village.

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Designating non-profit beneficiaries of a retirement plan yields multiple benefits.

By / May 1, 2024 Donor Stories
Josie Gibson

Josie Gibson is a Pennsylvania native who spent part of her adult life outside of the state. She moved to Brethren Village after visiting her friends Mike and Judy Eyster – she and Judy met at their first jobs after graduating from college. Josie enjoys being back in Pennsylvania and has become involved in a variety of activities and volunteer assignments.

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