Fitness and wellness options for seniors abound at Brethren Village

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Brethren Village Residents find it rewarding to stay active in the sports and activities they enjoy. They understand the importance of keeping the body energized and strong during senior living. So, we would like to recognize the efforts and achievements of some of our most physically active Residents.

Wii bowling at the Village

Wii bowling was introduced to our Residents in 2013 and has quickly become a popular competitive activity. In just four years, participation has grown from one team with six members to 22 teams with a total of 93 members! Our dedicated Wii bowlers play throughout the year in leagues that run during summer, fall and winter.

We’re currently getting ready to restart our summer league, when we take a more casual approach, with five weeks of play and no playoffs or championships. Just good-natured competition and fun!

During the fall season, however, our Wii bowlers participate in the National Senior League. Our Residents compete weekly against Wii bowlers from retirement communities and senior centers across the United States. At the end of the season, seven divisional champions are crowned. This competition not only provides exercise but a geography lesson as well, as Residents enjoy finding the locations of these other communities on a map.

The winter league lasts eight weeks, with the top 16 teams then entering a tournament to determine the Brethren Village league champion. We consider the tournament to be our own version of “March Madness,” as it coincides with the NCAA’s Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament.

Lancaster County Senior Games

Another popular sports activity with high Resident participation is the Lancaster County Senior Games, which are played at the Spooky Nook Sports complex. During the week-long competition in the first week of May, Brethren Village Residents competed in 160 events! Of the 46 Residents competing, 21 brought home a total of 51 medals: 22 Gold, 18 silver and 11 bronze. Congratulations, athletes!

Wellness and fitness options at the Village

At Brethren Village Retirement Community, we have developed a comprehensive wellness and fitness environment for Residents to help them stay in shape. To meet their exercise needs, we offer two fitness centers, exercise classes and aquatics programs. Residents meet with a Wellness Department Team Member for an orientation to the fitness center, a free fitness assessment and a personalized cardio and strength training program.

The Wellness Department provides several health-focused, social activities at our retirement community during the year. These include quarterly Wellness Symposiums, poolside parties, a Wellness Fair and, of course, the Senior Games.

From spring to fall, you can see many of our senior independent living Residents exercise outside—walking or biking around our picturesque and spacious campus.

If you’re considering a move to a retirement home in Lancaster, PA, we hope you will visit Brethren Village to learn all you can about our many services and features. All of our retirement living options are available to all Residents, including those receiving supportive care services—personal care in their apartment or room, skilled care in our long-term care facility or dementia care in our memory support neighborhood.

Please contact us to request more information or schedule a tour of our active and social senior living community.

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