Brethren Village Residents become detectives, bringing joy to Virginia family

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Two Residents at Brethren Village Retirement Community were the key sleuths in bringing joy to a family 300 miles away whom they had never met. You might call this “The Case of the Lost Testament.” Nick agreed with Leon, who said, “I am thrilled to have a part in finding the rightful owners of this valuable New Testament. After over 73 years, the mystery has been solved.”

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You’re moving to a retirement home? Great! Here’s how to manage your move

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Once you have decided to make the big move and have chosen your retirement home, what do you do next? The thought of moving may be exciting but possibly overwhelming as well. Adopting the philosophy of “short-term inconvenience, long-term improvement” might be helpful. Like many transitions in life, any current stress will give way to contentment. So, keep your goal of a more relaxed, simplified lifestyle fixed in your mind.

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Seniors can nurture and expand spirituality at retirement communities

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The best continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) support Residents’ spirituality by respecting their religious beliefs and ministering to their spiritual needs. They do that with an active, supportive Pastoral Services team, along with programs and events that reflect Residents’ faith, not just at Christmastime but the whole year long.

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