The Board of Directors at Brethren Village is committed to the Mission of our organization.

Brethren Village Retirement Community is grateful to the following volunteers for their hard work, commitment and stewardship as members of the Board of Directors. Composed of local leaders with diverse backgrounds, the Board of Directors guides the community through endeavors, allowing lives to be touched by the ministry of the Village.

Board of Directors for 2022


Steven L. Faus

Vice Chair

Carol D. Hess


John W. Biemiller


Alan R. Over

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Joanne C. Eshelman


Brian W. Boyd
John H. Gibbel
Connie M. Metzler
Katheryn H. Riegen
Brett H. Tennis
Stephen E. Wenzel

Resident Council President

Michael Josephson

Resident Representatives

Phyllis Sauder and Dr. William Worley

Honorary Board Members

Henry H. Gibbel
David L. Hawthorne
S. Joan Hershey
Carroll L. Kreider
Wilbur G. Rohrer
Larry D. Sauder
F. Barry Shaw