Help make a difference.

Memorial plaques recognizing donations to Brethren Village

Your charitable support of Brethren Village will greatly affect the lives of our Residents. Rooted in the tradition of service within the Church of the Brethren, we are dedicated to serving God through our mission of providing a continuum of services and Christ-like care to support the aging process and to enhance the spiritual, physical, social and emotional wholeness of our Residents, Team Members and community.

Health care costs can exhaust a Resident’s personal assets, leaving them in need of financial assistance. Charitable contributions allow Brethren Village to continue providing essential services and quality care to all of our Residents, regardless of their financial situation.

Approximately 40% of Residents residing in The Courtyards are in need of financial assistance. Unfortunately, government programs and supplemental insurance fall short of covering the actual costs of care. Your support and contributions will reassure our Residents that day-to-day care and essential services will be available to them, even if their assets are depleted. Every donation Brethren Village receives, whatever the size, makes a difference.

Good Samaritan Fund

The Good Samaritan Fund supports the current benevolent needs of the Village. Gifts to this fund are used in the year in which they are received, to help provide assistance for those residents of Brethren Village who find themselves unable to pay the full cost of their care.

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Endowment Fund

Gifts to the Endowment Fund are invested over many years, building principal that provides a source of income to cover the cost of benevolent care. Established in 1918, this wonderful tradition continues today, thanks to the many individuals and organizations that support this fund.

Your Gift to BV’s Year End Appeal is a Simple Act of Kindness with a Profound Impact

2021 Year End Appeal

Your donation to Brethren Village’s Year End Appeal directly impacts our Residents’ lives who are in need of financial assistance. There is no price tag on comfort, security, peace of mind and hope. Your simple act of kindness helps us continue to enhance their lives and provide an environment of caring and concern in a community where our Residents can age in place.

To learn more, view our Year End Appeal. You can print our donation form or make a donation online.

Thanks for Giving Extra!

The Development Department is grateful for the $24,135 raised for the Good Samaritan Fund during the Extraordinary Give. Thank you to the 125 donors – BV Residents, Team Members and Friends who contributed so generously. It truly was an EXTRAORDINARY day for Lancaster County with $10.2 million raised in just 24 hours for over 500 local non-profits.

Proceeds to Brethren Village will be directed to the Good Samaritan fund which makes a difference in the lives of our Residents who have exhausted their resources and are in need of financial assistance. These gifts not only provide peace of mind for many of our Residents in need, but also to their family members.

When you give extra, extraordinary things happen!

Special Events Support BV’s Mission

The Development Department provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to support Brethren Village’s ministry through support of special events such as the annual Good Samaritan Banquet and Golf Tournament. Proceeds from these fundraising events benefit the Good Samaritan Fund. With the support of our Donors, Partners, Board Members, Volunteers and Team Members, we can truly make a difference in the lives of our Residents.

Give to Brethren Village Retirement Community

For more information on charitable giving, contact the Development Department at 717-581-4416.

Brethren Village Retirement Community is a 501(c)3 nonprofit facility licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. The official registration and financial information of Brethren Village may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.