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    Brethren Village Residents become detectives, bringing joy to Virginia family

    Two Residents at Brethren Village Retirement Community were the key sleuths in bringing joy to a family 300 miles away whom they had never met. You might call this “The Case of the Lost Testament.” Nick agreed with Leon, who said, “I am thrilled to have a part in finding the rightful owners of this valuable New Testament. After over 73 years, the mystery has been solved.”

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    You’re moving to a retirement home? Great! Here’s how to manage your move

    Once you have decided to make the big move and have chosen your retirement home, what do you do next? The thought of moving may be exciting but possibly overwhelming as well. Adopting the philosophy of “short-term inconvenience, long-term improvement” might be helpful. Like many transitions in life, any current stress will give way to contentment. So, keep your goal of a more relaxed, simplified lifestyle fixed in your mind.

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    Seniors can nurture and expand spirituality at retirement communities

    The best continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) support Residents’ spirituality by respecting their religious beliefs and ministering to their spiritual needs. They do that with an active, supportive Pastoral Services team, along with programs and events that reflect Residents’ faith, not just at Christmastime but the whole year long.

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  • retirement community in Lancaster PA

    Culture and education open new worlds for seniors at retirement communities

    Over the past year, we have been working to expand and diversify the cultural and educational activities available to members of the Brethren Village community. Among our many programs for Residents and their families are musical performances, educational talks and opportunities for creative self-expression. These activities do more than simply entertain—they expand our Residents’ minds and spirits as well.

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    Jessie Eckhart has her head in the clouds—and that’s just the way she likes it

    In the 1930s, Jessie Eckhart was the middle child in a non-traditional Lancaster family for that era. Her parents raised her and her sisters to participate in activities generally reserved for young men at the time, namely piloting airplanes and hunting. What’s even more surprising, though, is that Jessie, who moved to Brethren Village in … Continue reading Jessie Eckhart has her head in the clouds—and that’s just the way she likes it

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    The Extraordinary Give is Lancaster County’s way of saying “we care”

    Lancaster countians will come together for the sixth straight year on Nov. 17 to raise money to support vital good works accomplished by more than 400 charitable organizations throughout our community. And, as in the past, we expect that the response will be truly extraordinary.

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    Area sights and scenes draw retirees to senior living in Lancaster County

    The U.S. News & World Report list of best places to retire in the United States has ranked Lancaster, PA as—drum roll, please—#2 in its 2018 edition! In evaluating criteria that promote a high quality of life, U.S. News highlighted Lancaster’s lower tax rates for retirees, high-quality health care, happiness of local residents, housing affordability and low unemployment.

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  • personal care

    Piano man Don Roland says “there’s always something to do”

    When Don Roland was a kid growing up in the city of Lancaster, he loved listening to music and longed to play the accordion. The odds were stacked against him as those were the years of the Great Depression, and family finances wouldn’t allow the luxury of a musical instrument and lessons.

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    Autumn, an ideal time to explore the outdoors at retirement communities

    If you stop by for a visit to Brethren Village during autumn, you likely will see our resident seniors outdoors during temperate fall days—walking, biking or sitting and chatting with neighbors. You might also find some practicing on our putting green, competing on our bocce court or doing some pre-winter gardening.

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    Seniors with dementia benefit from professional memory support programs

    As we age, we may experience some degree of change in our memory. That’s common and isn’t necessarily cause for concern. It’s part of the aging process, and we learn to adapt to and accommodate these changes—and even make light of them in conversation with friends.

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