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  • senior living communities

    Our top ten safety and security guidelines for seniors not living in retirement communities

    Many seniors living in their private homes are at greater risk of being injured or harmed by safety and security hazards. Understandably, loved ones may be concerned about their well-being and check on them daily.

    To further guarantee their safety, family members also can help by ensuring seniors follow these “top ten” safety and security guidelines:

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  • senior independent living

    Our most popular outdoor activities for senior independent living Residents

    From spring through fall, many retirees enjoy spending time outdoors, savoring either the mid-day sunshine or the cooler air of dawn or dusk. Newcomers to senior residential living soon discover that their new home offers an array of outdoor recreational activities, with various interests in mind.

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  • retirement home

    Celebrate your senior dad with a gift that’s just right for him

    For many families with older parents, deciding how to celebrate Dad on Father’s Day is a bigger challenge than how to honor Mom on Mother’s Day. But fathers appreciate special remembrances, too. Here are a few more ideas for gifts or special activities that Dad might appreciate, whether he still lives in his private home or in a cottage or apartment at a senior living community.

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  • senior living

    Fitness and wellness options for seniors abound at Brethren Village

    Brethren Village Residents find it rewarding to stay active in the sports and activities they enjoy. They understand the importance of keeping the body energized and strong during senior living. So, we would like to recognize the efforts and achievements of some of our most physically active Residents.

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  • physical therapy

    Rehabilitation services improve physical functioning and wellness for seniors

    Rehabilitation services assist older adults in improving their quality of life by helping them recover from the effects of injury, illness or surgery and regain their independence. Rehabilitation is focused on making the daily activities of life easier—getting out of bed, bathing, walking, going up and down stairs, and shopping. “Rehab” can have significant value as part of an ongoing wellness program as well.

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  • retirement community

    How to select the retirement community that fits you best

    If you have asked considered all the relevant factors and decided to move to a retirement community, how will you decide on the right one for you? What will you look for and what questions will you ask to arrive at your decision?

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  • Brethren Village

    Desire to serve has guided Brethren Village for 120 years

    However, as we study the impulse to found Brethren Village, and the stories of care throughout the past 120 years, we see the continuity of our mission. For it is the desire to serve – and to care for those who can no longer care for themselves – that Brethren Village was founded upon 120 years ago, and is still the same impulse that guides our daily work today.

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  • retirement community in Lancaster PA

    Considering a move to a retirement community? Ask yourself these questions

    “Is this the right move for me?” is a question asked by thousands of retirees as they contemplate the benefits of remaining in their private residence versus the advantages of moving to a senior living community. At Brethren Village Retirement Community, we realize that it’s a major life decision and one that should be made with plenty of thought and preparation.

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  • CCRC

    Senior independent living options offer variety and choice

    The varied senior living options at a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) allow future Residents to choose a long-term residence, knowing the level of care that’s right for them at any given time will be available.

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  • personal care

    Personal care services = security, privacy, fellowship and contentment

    We often hear from seniors and their families that they feel relieved following the move to a personal care residence at our continuing care retirement community (CCRC). We get comments like “I’ll never have to move again,” “This feels like home” and “Everything I need is right here.”

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