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  • Martha Shreiner

    Bequest is part of a “two-fold” gift and provides the emotional benefit of doing the right thing.

    Those who know Martha Shreiner know that she is a giving person. A retired teacher, she remains active through presentations for groups and causes that she cares about. In the years since her husband Galen died, she has been active promoting giving opportunities to Hospice & Community Care and participating in the Women’s Giving Circle. She is an officer in an educational philanthropy association, and serves on the Gathering for Generations Campaign Communication Committee here at Brethren Village.

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  • Josie Gibson

    Designating non-profit beneficiaries of a retirement plan yields multiple benefits.

    Josie Gibson is a Pennsylvania native who spent part of her adult life outside of the state. She moved to Brethren Village after visiting her friends Mike and Judy Eyster – she and Judy met at their first jobs after graduating from college. Josie enjoys being back in Pennsylvania and has become involved in a variety of activities and volunteer assignments.

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  • What Is a CCRC? How Brethren Village Helps Seniors Live Life Fully

    Each generation of seniors is faced with an abundance of choices when it comes to retirement planning. All of those choices have one common factor: future care needs. It can …

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  • Leading a happy, healthy life at an active senior living community

    We all dream of the day when we can retire, sit back, and truly enjoy life. However, as seniors grow older, they are sometimes faced with unexpected challenges. This may …

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  • How a visit to the dermatologist can reveal a lot about your heart

    At every annual doctor’s checkup, we are told to eat healthily and exercise regularly. This, in turn, will keep blood pressure down and cholesterol in check. As we get older, …

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  • Brethren Village Campus

    The best Senior living is in Lancaster, PA at a CCRC like Brethren Village!

    Featured Photo: Brethren Village Campus When you dream of retirement do you picture beautiful white sandy beaches, deep blue waters and the feel of a warm, sea breeze? For years, …

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  • Holiday Memories cherished by our CCRC Senior Living Residents

    The sweet smell of freshly baked cookies, warm and right out of the oven. The excitement and anticipation of surprises waiting beneath the Christmas tree. Lighting the menorah on each …

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  • Shared hobbies and interests bring friends together in CCRC senior living communities

    Growing up, you always had a friend you could call to go to the mall at a moment’s notice. Or, a neighborhood friend who was ready for an impromptu game …

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  • Stay safe during senior living by following these 6 steps to prevent falls

    Falls are the main cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries in people age 65 and older. According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), one in four older Americans …

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  • Quality dental care is essential for those in senior living communities

    The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s a good time to discuss dental health. Vibrant cheer and merriment hangs high in the air in senior living, along with …

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