Bequest is part of a “two-fold” gift and provides the emotional benefit of doing the right thing.

By / May 21, 2024 Donor Stories
Martha Shreiner

Those who know Martha Shreiner know that she is a giving person. A retired teacher, she remains active through presentations for groups and causes that she cares about. In the years since her husband Galen died, she has been active promoting giving opportunities to Hospice & Community Care and participating in the Women’s Giving Circle. She is an officer in an educational philanthropy association, and serves on the Gathering for Generations Campaign Communication Committee here at Brethren Village.

She has created an extended family around her and spends time supporting the people in her life when they face medical and health issues or need support in their daily lives. Her neighbors at Brethren Village count on her to take them to medical appointments and provide emotional support when they face challenging times in their lives.

It comes as no surprise that when she gives to the causes she supports, she is thoughtful and generous. She regularly gives to the Good Samaritan Fund, PACA, events in the BV Chapel, as well as her church, Hospice & Community Care, and other carefully selected organizations.

Martha explains why it is important for her to give to Brethren Village. “I made the choice to live at Brethren Village, and I want to make meaningful gifts that reflect that shared values and beliefs between me and Brethren Village.” Martha describes those shared beliefs simply as helping others. She reflects that past and current donors have contributed to the Good Samaritan Fund and to current and past capital campaigns, and she sees how that benefits her personally. “I like the idea of paying it forward” Martha says reflectively, >”and by giving to Brethren Village, my gift will support future Residents.”

Her decision has been to make a two fold gift to Brethren Village. She supports the Good Samaritan Fund annually and has a pledge to the Gathering for Generations capital campaign for renovations to Fieldcrest. Additionally, she has designated a bequest to the Good Samaritan Fund in her will. This gives her the peace of mind, knowing that her gift will be paid forward when she no longer needs the money in her estate. It also allows her the flexibility to help friends and family now and support causes she cares about.

Martha sums up her decision this way: “Yes, there are tax benefits, but the biggest benefit is emotional. I benefit from knowing that giving is the right thing for me to do.”

Bequests are gifts that are made as part of a will or trust. A bequest can be to a person, or it can be a charitable bequest to a nonprofit organization, trust, or foundation. Anyone can make a bequest — in any amount — to an individual or charity. The bequest can be a specific amount, or a percentage of the estate, for a specific purpose or for the organization to decide how the bequest is used. Donors interested in making a bequest should consult with the attorney who has drawn up their will.