Whisperglide swing for The Courtyards

By / July 12, 2018 Donor Stories

After Ken’s wife Kathleen died in November 2016, he wanted to do something that would honor her memory, and express his appreciation for the care that she received during the time that she lived in the Courtyards. Katie – as she was known by her family and friends – had herself been an extraordinarily caring person. A loving wife, mother and friend, she had worked her entire career as a nurse.

Working with Michelle Schlegelmilch, Administrator of the Courtyards, he took up the suggestion of the Whisperglide swing and did his own research to ensure that this would be of benefit. He learned that the Whisperglide swing has therapeutic benefits for Residents who, like Kathleen, have dementia and Alzheimer’s. It also provides a focused activity that can be shared by Residents and their family members.

George Hutchinson, brother-in-law, Joyce Hutchinson, Kathy’s sister, Doug Bealer, son, Tanya Bealer, daughter-in-law, Ken Bealer, Russeline Wily, sister-in-law, Jack Wily, Kathy’s brother, Rich Bealer, Ken’s brother, Gerry Bealer, sister-in-law.

At a dedication ceremony after the swing installation, Brethren Village CEO John Snader remarked on Ken’s generous gift as an extension of Brethren Village’s commitment to caring. The swing is a tangible reminder that at every point when one is a Resident at Brethren Village, lives are being enriched through connections and meaningful activities.

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