Planned gifts are a legacy to Brethren Village Retirement Community.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Annuities allow the donor to make a gift to charity and receive fixed income payments back for the remainder of the donor’s lifetime. With the changes in the economy and financial markets, many donors have found the security of fixed income payments to be reassuring.

Benefits: Attractive rates, fixed payments for life, a charitable tax deduction and knowing you are providing significant support to the ministry of the Village.


Gifts through bequests can be given as a designated amount or as a percentage of the estate. A bequest can be made through a trust or a will and the donor can stipulate whether the bequest is for general support or for a specific purpose.

Benefits: Your assets are available for your personal use up until you pass away, plus a bequest can help reduce estate taxes, fees and estate settlement costs. Through effective estate planning, you can meet your needs and that of your loved ones, and provide generous support to the ministry of the Village.

Life Insurance

For a life insurance policy to be tax deductible, Brethren Village must be the owner and beneficiary of the policy. Policies may be new, have premiums remaining to be paid, or be a fully paid policy that you may have owned for years. If premiums remain to be paid on a policy for which Brethren Village is the owner and beneficiary, the payment will be a deductible contribution. The Village could also be named as the final beneficiary of a policy. This provision will not provide any current tax advantages, but at the insured’s death, the contribution will qualify for a federal estate tax charitable deduction.

Benefits: Tax savings and knowing you provided significant support to the ministry of the Village.