Occupational therapy is available at Brethren Village Retirement Community.

Occupational therapy facilities and programs
Occupational therapy programs are available to all Residents.

Brethren Village’s Occupational Therapy Program helps Residents return home, to work and to other activities by regaining needed function and skills. Occupational therapy can include treatment modalities for pain control; muscle stimulation; strength and endurance in the upper body due to impairment from injury, fracture, stroke or other causes.

The primary goal is to reach the highest level of independence in all areas of function through an individualized treatment plan.

Occupational Services provided include:

  • Post-stroke rehabilitation
  • Transfer mobility training
  • Work conservation/safety
  • Balance improvement to facilitate independence with daily living skills
  • Enhancing functional use of the shoulder, arm, wrist and hand
  • Instruction for arthritic Residents on techniques to protect joints